Q-Codes for amateur radio

Radio Q-Codes are used to quickly communicate a question or idea as quickly as possible in a simple three letter code.

Initially, Q-Codes can be may seem hard to learn, but after a bit of practice, they tend to stay in there and will eventually become second nature. If you are just listening or transmitting, these Q-Codes are important and worth the effort to learn.

Here are the most popular radio Q-Codes that you will hear in use:

Tip: Print these codes, or open them on your PC so they are in front of you when you make those first contacts.

Popular radio Q-Codes table

QRL Is the frequency busy?

The frequency is busy. Please do not interfere.

QRN Interference from natural signals (like thunderstorms).
QRM Interference from man-made sources.
QRO Shall I increase power?

Increase power.

QRP Shall I decrease power?

Decrease power.

QRZ Who is calling me?
QSB Signal fading.
QSL Did you receive and understand?

Received and understood.

QSO Abbreviation for a contact.
QTH What is your location?

My location is.......

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