Basic terms used in data mode communication

When making contacts using a data modes the following terms are used, this is what they mean:

  • K = Over (invitation for anybody to respond)
  • KN = Over (and only the station addressed should respond)
  • SK = You’ve finished transmitting to the other station, the end of the contact
  • BTU = Back to You
  • TNX = Thanks
  • PSE = Please
  • OM = Old Man (used to refer to any male operator

Other terms

  •  EQSL = A website used to log contacts (
  •  QRZ = A website used to share operator information (

Common data mode macro examples

Here are some basic examples of data mode macros. Feel free to use these as they are, or modify them to suit your own style:

Calling CQ

CQ CQ CQ de <my:callsign> <my:callsign> <my:callsign>

CQ CQ CQ de <my:callsign> <my:callsign> <my:callsign>

pse k<stop>

Somebody answers your CQ call

Hello <his:callsign> de <my:callsign>

Thank you for answering my call <his:callsign>

My name is <my:name>

How do I copy?

pse kn<stop>

Answer a CQ call

<his:callsign> <his:callsign> this is <my:callsign> <my:callsign>

pse kn<stop>

My report?

How do I copy? BTU <his:name>, <his:callsign> de <my:callsign>

pse kn<stop>

Reply to the other station, send report, name and QTH

<his:callsign> de <my:callsign>

Hello <his:name>, RST : 59 59 Name : <my:name> <my:name>

QTH: <my:qth> <my:qth>

Loc: <my:locator> <my:locator>

Operator: Age [my:age] licenced 2002

btu <his:callsign> de <my:callsign> kn<stop>

My Station

<his:callsign> de <my:callsign>

<his:name>, my station

Radio: <my:radio>, <my:power> Watts

Software: <my:program>

Antenna: <my:antenna>

btu <his:callsign> de <my:callsign>


Final closing #1

<his:callsign> de <my:callsign>

Thanks for this <my:mode> QSO on <his:band> <his:name>

My best wishes to you and your family from <my:qth>, UK...Good DX!

QSL is OK via eQSL.

<his:callsign> <his:name> de <my:callsign>  <my:name> UK ... info 73! bye bye


Final closing #2

<his:callsign> de <my:callsign>

73 <his:name> thanks for this <my:mode> QSO on <his:band>

Great DX in <year>

<my:callsign> <my:name> de <his:callsign>  

<his:name> many 73's :-) bye bye


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